Who We Are

Ayurvita boldly advances beauty and wellbeing by setting the highest standards, ensuring that one day, all beauty will be natural beauty. Ayurvita's objective is to make health and beauty more than a trend or a hashtag. Ayurvita takes care of what goes onto your skin, so you don’t have to.

Beauty and health are inclusive. It is open to everybody.

Brought to you from the heart of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Ayurvita aims to be a welcome venue for all beauty and health enthusiasts by offering the best-in-clean natural goods. Choose from a wide range of formulations that have passed stability tests and have been authorised. Our competent team of chemists and technical specialists can create a formulation that is tailored to your exact specifications.

Ayurvita strives to employ the cleanest components, extracts, and essential oils that are easily absorbed by the skin in all their products. Products made from Flax Seeds, chia seeds, Stevia , Green Tea etc are aimed at providing patrons with some of the best and most natural care for the culinary guru in you. Aiming at a healthy lifestyle, all of the items are free of animal testing as well as dangerous ingredients. The products are devoid of sulphates, parabens, and silicon, as well as being non-toxic. Only certified components that are safe for the skin and your body are used in each formulation.

Ayurvita has established itself as a leading manufacturer and supplier of beauty and health products within a year of its inception. Skin Care, Hair Products, healthy food supplements, Body Care, Treatment Range, Luxury Range, Natural Range, and Specialized Range are among the many cosmetics and health care goods they provide. To ensure that the clients receive the finest benefits, Ayurvita maintains an unwavering dedication to ensuring the highest level and quality in their products.

Kind to the planet

With an aim of touching the 50 Cr turnover landmark in the next five years, Ayurvita was formed by beauty and health industry professionals who couldn’t get their shared goal to clean up the business out of their heads, so they decided to make their dream a reality. Ayurvita has the world’s greatest selection of top skincare and health food products, all of which adhere to the Ayurvita natural standard. All of the goods are free of chemical components and go above and above to make items that are safer, more environmental, ethical, and transparent. Ayurvita looks beyond the bottle so you can concentrate on what’s inside yours.

The team works hard to deliver you items that are both safe and effective. Every one of our formulae is unique, produced, and tested on real humans – never on animals, and always from the ground up. Natural, high-quality ingredients are used in all of the items. Glass and paper are used for packaging, with recycled and recyclable plastic used only when absolutely essential. Synthetic additives, such as colours, perfumes, and parabens, are never used in Ayurvita products. They attempt to make goods that are as biocompatible as possible by avoiding synthetic chemicals.

Ayurvita responsibly seeks the greatest raw natural resources the planet has to offer, knowing that everything we apply to our body and skin absorbs fast into our systems. Ayurvita creates therapies that repair skin and your body by combining important nutrients, minerals, and botanicals to give you the healthy lifestyle that you always dreamt of.

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